Kayne Prime Grows, Ups the Stakes

Even in the face of a local market where it seems another glamourous steakhouse opens every couple of months, Kayne Prime has maintained a full reservation book and a reputation as a premier destination for carnivores seeking large cuts of meat, expertly prepared and served in an elegant environment.

Six years after opening, M Street Nashville, the ownership group behind Kayne Prime and other favorites like Virago, Moto, Tavern and Saint Añejo, were presented with the opportunity to double the size of their successful steakhouse. Without hesitation, they jumped at it.

Expanding from almost 200 seats to 400, Kayne Prime put an emphasis on adding flexible spaces where they will be able to host private parties from ten to seventy guests. A new SOMM room features a transparent wall filled with collectible bottles, and should be an especially popular spot for wine-focused dinner events. To accommodate the needs of private parties and of regular diners, the ownership has doubled the size of the kitchen, leaving the old line in place to handle special dinners.

Even if you don’t need to book a table of 20, all guests will be able to take advantage of two new bar areas, an expansive main bar in the middle of the new space and a cozy brown liquor-focused cocktail lounge tucked away in the back of the building.

M Street Entertainment Group Founder and CEO Chris Hyndman sums up the impetus behind the investment and expansion this way: “Although Kayne is getting bigger, more importantly, it’s getting better with enhanced elements and uniquely designed environments that will expand the ways in which our guests enjoy the Kayne Prime experience.” 

Photos: Courtesy of Kayne Prime

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