Sailing to Denver - Chicken Pickin'

Springer Mountain Farms presents Chicken Pickin’, Venkman’s live music event pairing great music with delicious chicken specials. On April 15th at 1PM, Sailing to Denver makes an appearance. Listen to some wonderful music while you have a great meal!

A little bit about Sailing to Denver per Venkman’s page:

What started as a group of friends getting together to learn each other’s favorite songs in 2011, has developed into one of Atlanta’s most original and universally adored acts: Sailing to Denver. Strong vocal harmonies, backed by beautiful and interesting string arrangements, make it difficult to ignore this band’s performance and buzz around town. Each member of the group, having been veterans of many other bands throughout the 2000’s, has developed to become a better player individually, and especially as a unit, since forming. When first seeing them live, it is quickly apparent that they are having as much or more fun than the audience. After releasing their self-titled debut record in Dec, they have been experiencing a wave of momentum that was not only unexpected, but has made the winter of 2013 one of confident creation and cultivation of an act the artists themselves didn’t even see coming. And that is exactly what they are. A band you don’t even see coming. But find yourself at one of Atlanta’s most happenin’ bars or hottest festivals when they are hosting Sailing to Denver and you will be swept away with the tide and everything else.

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