Rodeo Twister - Chicken Pickin'

Springer Mountain Farms presents Chicken Pickin’, Venkman’s live music event pairing great music with delicious chicken specials every Saturday afternoon starting at 1pm EST. On March 25th, Rodeo Twister will entertain the crowd! Definitely stop by for a delicious meal accompanied by some live music.

Per Venkman’s site, they describe Rodeo Twister as:

Rodeo Twister play original rockabilly and honky-tonk music the way God intended it: without the use of them demon drums! But don’t worry your toes won’t tap or your hips won’t shake. The slap of the upright bass and the chugga-chugga of the rhythm guitar keep the beat just as good as the crack of snare – maybe even better. The three Twisters are veterans of Atlanta’s “Redneck Underground” roots music scene and have been members of so many “Best of Atlanta” lists they’ve lost count. Now all together for the first time, they’re bringing a huge crop of brand-new songs and choice covers plus a secret weapon – some of the sweetest two and three-part harmonies you’ve ever heard. And you can hear ‘em, too… without all that bangedy-bang of them demon drums!

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